Wallingford Family Festival and Parade

Don’t forget people, tomorrow, Saturday July 7th is the Wallingford Family Festival and Kiddies Parade. The parade starts at 11 am and runs from 45th and Corliss to the Wallingford Center and then down to Wallingford Playfield, where the festival runs noon to 5 pm.

We’ve also heard that Janet Strong* will be stepping down from her post as Executive Director of the Wallingford Neighborhood Association after 15 years at the helm. In honor of her service, she’ll be the Grand Marshall of the parade this year. Come cheer her on.

There will be booths, bouncy houses, music and more. Good times.

Update: Barb writes:

Although the crowds won’t be quite as large as those at Gas Works on the 4th of July, expect to see a lot of folks at the Family Festival after the Kiddies Parade on Saturday.

And all that street food brings with it the inevitable disposable stuff that must be dealt with. You will see recycling / food waste stations that are there to keep as much of that out of the landfills as possible. Remember to STOP – THINK – SORT before you throw your stuff away.

The neighborhood folks working with recycling and the Family Festival need volunteers to help monitor the recycling / food waste containers and help the Festival customers know what goes where.

If you can help keep the Family Festival “green,” call Barb Burrill at 206-818-4857 or stop by a recycling station at the Family Festival and offer your services.

The busiest time of the Fair is between noon and 2 pm, but help can be used up until 5 pm.

And if you’re looking for some warm-up fun before the parade, Professor Banjo will be celebrating the release of his newest CD “Live in Seattle” with a show at the Gypsy Cafe (3510 Stone Way North) on Saturday July 7th, at 10am. $5 per person / $15 per family suggested donation.

Professor Banjo is Paul Silveria, a Northwest musician steeped in the traditions of earlier generations. Participation is a vital element in Paul’s work – from community square dances, to family song workshops, to kids’ shows. His latest release showcases some great moments as kids join the fun!


* Janet Strong? Wasn’t it Janet Stillman? Yep, Janet wrote us a few months back to explain:  “Not divorced.  My husband has always wanted to be a Strong (my birth name).  28 years with his birth name and the next 28 with mine.  Isn’t he a jewel?” Have you ever heard of anything so sweet?

  1. Barb said,

    We are looking for volunteers to help monitor the recycling / compost containers at the Family Festival that follows the Kiddies Parade on Saturday. Family Festival hours are noon to 5 pm.

    Even a half hour shift would be greatly appreciated! Help keep Wallingford GREEN !

    Contact Barb Burrill at 206-818-4857 or just check in at any recycling station at the Family Festival.

    Fri, July 6 at 10:34 am
  2. Helen said,

    Big thank you for all the years of wonderful service to Wallingford, Janet STRONG! You rock and we’ll miss you at the Neighborhood Office. All the best!

    Fri, July 6 at 9:24 pm
  3. Linda Lee said,

    Evcery Thursday there is a MUSIC OPEN MIC at the Gypsy Cafe ALL AGES 7:30-12. SEt up with gear to accomodate bands including drums, keys, amps, 5 mics. 3510 Stone Way N. Seattle

    Sat, July 7 at 11:26 am
  4. Linda Lee said,

    I loloked but couldn’t find anything about the festival, entertainment etc in writing ,only about the kiddies Parade.. I went to Wallingford and saw no signs ….I missed the tiny map on this website that showed where it was but would have been nice if in the blurb it said Festival will be at the Walingford Play field. I was looking around Wallingford Center where it has been in the past….I like to know the entertianment line ups. In the future could you please pubish that info. For some of us the entertainment is why we come to these things, and the performers need to have their names out there. Thanks

    Sat, July 7 at 6:34 pm
  5. Cj said,

    I agree that the online info for this event was sorely lacking. That said, the new location at the park was a huge improvement. I hope they keep it there in years to come.

    Sat, July 7 at 8:44 pm
  6. Nancy M said,


    Sat, July 7 at 9:59 pm
  7. Dale said,

    Where should one take the Kiddies Parade street signs that were not picked up after the parade?

    Sun, July 8 at 1:38 pm
  8. JN said,

    I was a great improvement having the festival in the park. We spent the whole day at the festival and normally we would have spent a couple hours.

    Mon, July 9 at 9:31 am
  9. LR said,

    Just wondering how the numbers came out for the festival part of this event? Will it stay at the park in the future? I, like another person, came through Wally Center looking for the pony rides, and had to ask a merchant what gives?! where’s the fun stuff?! We found it, but lining Wallingford Avenue with signs or arrows would’ve been a good move for those of us not in the know, and not knowing it – esp. for the first year. And, why no pony rides? Also the food choices were not as plentiful as in past years, which was a bummer. Next year i’d be nice if the bouncy houses were oriented in such a way as to minimize the heat on that plastic! My kid didn’t want to play on the bouncy houses due to the sun-factor. Hmm, lots of comments, but it was still fun. Enjoyed the Henna for a change :)

    Wed, July 11 at 1:54 pm
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