Cutlour Salon

Jeff Garfield over at Bedrooms and More gave us the heads up that there’s a new salon opening in Wallingford, Cutlour Salon and Boutique (250 NE 45th St). We asked Beth, the manager to tell us a bit about it:

I’m the manager and lead stylist the owners are a pair of sisters Bianca and Ann (Ann is also a stylist). We had worked together before and had always wanted to open a place in Wallingford where the bulk of our support from friends and family were (they make this possible). We all love this area and have some good memories here so it was a no brainer when we found the space.

We are affordable prices but not cheap work. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable that being said we cater to just about everyone except we do children by request only [...]We specialize in color services from highlights, color touch ups and fashion color peak aboos [...] We feature local artists work across our walls. We have high hopes of turning the front into a boutique very soon.

They’re holding their Grand Opening party Friday, September 21st starting at 5 pm with live music, food and drink, so stop on by to say hi.

  • Rolf

    Eh, nothing personal as they seem like nice folks, but seriously, do we **really** need yet another salon in Wallingford? The only thing less needed and wanted would be another bank. How about something truly unique like sensory deprivation chambers, a kettlebell workout gym, or something else that surprises and delights us? Good luck and all, but still…

  • SeattleAlan

    Anyone interested would need an address of this new business, also.

    • Wallyhood

      Doh! Added address.

  • SalonBeth

    Sorry it’s actually 254 ne 45th st thanks Wallyhood!

  • prop 3

    Rolf, looking forward to the grand opening of your sensory deprivation/kettlebell gym.

  • eeeee

    another hair cutting place? It takes my hair a few months to grow long enough for a cut.. am I the only one who doesnt need more than 2 or 3 cuts a year?
    Every time I pass the other new one it is empty.
    I dont wish ill will but I simply dont get it.

  • Margaret Hamilton

    Retail space rent is so expensive in the Seattle universe that service is what can sell these days, seems like. And shopping seems to happen online, not in the groovy boutiques, or not enough shopping. No (almost) 10 percent sales tax on haircuts . . . I admire anyone with an idea and a plan.
    How about another story that invites people’s constructive ideas for what sorts of businesses they might frequent instead of blah-blah-blahing the new salon before the doors even open?

  • SeattleAlan

    That space has been empty for quite a while. It’ll be nice to see some activity going on there!

  • Margaret Hamilton

    It has been dozens of businesses over the decades. Used to be a Battery Store back in the day, literally sold batteries. Or next door to the Battery Store.

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