Wallyhood Honey Available

As we’ve done in past years, we’re offering up a jar of the finest Wallingford-produced honey you’ve ever tasted to any and all who donate $50 or more to the Wallingford-based FamilyWorks.

FamilyWorks, tucked next to the Wallingford library on 45th Street, is the best kind of charity, in my opinion: they not only provide direct, immediate assistance through their food bank to those in need, but they also provide education, such as parenting classes and playgroups to help people better their situation in a long-term, sustainable way. They even provide bus passes for people trying to get to work to earn a living. How’s that for helping people to help themselves?

As for the honey, it’s raised right here in Wallingford, and, since  bees will travel up to five miles from their hive to gather pollen and nectar, it’s a fair bet that if you’ve got flowers, there will be some of them in your jar.

Indeed, people ask me “what kind of honey is it?” When you see “Blackberry Honey” or “Clover Honey” or “Apple Blossom Honey” for sale, that means a professional beekeeper has brought their hives to an area with lots of blackberries or clover or to a specific orchard where the apple blossoms are in bloom. Nectar and pollen from that plant will naturally dominate the flavor.

So, what kind of honey will you get here? Wallingford honey: lots of blackberry, lavender, apple, plum, tomato, squash, rose, dahlia, and pretty much everything else that blooms anytime of year. It will tend to be a bit darker than you’ll see in the stores, due in part to the prevalence of Japanese Knotweed (a September bloom) in the area. The flavor is rich, floral and a bit spicy, perfect on toast, in tea or fresh off the spoon.

To get your jar:

  • Visit the FamilyWorks web donation page and donate $50 or more, entering “Wallyhood Honey” in the “Designation” field
  • E-mail [email protected] and let me know that you’ve done it, and include your address so I can drop off a jar of honey
  • Enjoy how sweet doing good can taste.


  1. Nancy M said,

    My household is IN! What if all us Wallyhoods worked together to make Family Works’ day? This is a great annual tradition to my mind. Locally local. “Tis the season to be part of the solution . . .

    Mon, November 26 at 7:43 am
  2. harley said,

    I was waiting for this! does a hunny get us two honeys?

    Mon, November 26 at 9:36 pm
  3. Jake Weber said,

    Thanks, Jordan, for sharing the work of your honey bees in the sweet spirit of community! And thanks to all for your help in easing hunger and supporting the food bank by purchasing honey. Hi Nancy! Wallingford, Wallyhood, thank you!

    Tue, November 27 at 9:28 am
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