Repeal Day at Blue Star

Last week, we gave you the 411 on a Fremont celebration of Repeal Day. Of course, Wallingford is not exactly a dry neighborhood, so we were pleased to hear that the Blue Star will be hosting a Repeal Day event this Wednesday, December 5th.

In addition to food and drink specials from the 1930′s era, there will be a prohibition era jazz band, Glenn Grytzer and Syncopators.

How often do you get to hear a gobble pipe in Wallingford?

  • yesyes

    they have the best rueben sandwiches ever

  • Janey

    So, if we stay past midnight and get 25′ from the door, can we go outside and smoke a joint to celebrate the other end of prohibiton?

  • MaryW

    This looks like a great time! Too bad it’s not (well-behaved) dog friendly. After work, time with my best friend wins out every time. Norm’s it is.

  • KimberlyC

    Ew. Dogs in food establishments weird me out.

  • Mike

    @Janey. Nice idea except Blue star closes at 10pm…Lamest pub ever!

  • neighbor

    @mike – agree. been in there when the bar is pretty much full and they start closing down.


  • Fruitbat

    @ Janey. Nice idea except no indulging in public.

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