Cathy wrote:

This Wednesday 1/2/13, the Wallingford Community Council will discuss and rank the projects from Wallingford that will be submitted for consideration for Bridging the Gap large project funds. Four projects, (three street improvements west of Stone and a signal that I am supporting) will be discussed around 7:15pm at the Wallingford Community Council meeting in the Good Shepherd Center (meetings are usually in room 202). If any of you can show up and speak up as supportive neighbors, that would be great.

If this were a perfect world, I’d recommend several signals along 40th (and 50th) between Stone and I-5. I’m not convinced Sunnyside and 40th is the perfect location for a single new signal — but any additional slowing and control would be great! There is no reason you as neighbors need to tolerate car speeds in excess of 35mph along 40th and 50th.  Engineering solutions are needed to slow traffic to 30mph and to encourage cars to stop for people attempting to cross these densely populated residential streets.

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I’m hoping a traffic light on 40th is ranked highly and funded. I do believe Wallingford south of 40th is unnecessarily divided from central Wallingford because traffic on 40th moves much faster than it needs to and cars don’t stop for people who walk and bike. That speed, combined with a lack of traffic control, keeps people from walking to stores, using the bus, walking to school, walking dogs, and biking.
Meg wrote a very nice letter of support. Thank you!
As a resident of lower Wallingford (south of 40th) with at student at John Stanford Elementary 

(42nd & Latona), I am well aware of the hazards posed by high-speed traffic along 40th.  
A signal at N 40th St. and Sunnyside Avenue North would create a safe route to this school, as well as Hamilton International Middle School and numerous preschools. It would also support many of the amendments to the South Wallingford Neighborhood Plan.  My 2012 proposal to install a crosswalk from the Burke Gilman Trail at Latona & N. Pacific (another hazardous arterial) was prioritized for funding in 2013. This proposed traffic signal would complement this project, and help to create a calmer, safer neighborhood for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
I hope to see a few of you on Wednesday. Tell your neighbors too.
Consider them told, Cathy.
Note: If you would like to suport this proposal, you can email [email protected][email protected]

Subject: United Wallingford Greenways – NSF application # 2390895358

Emails need to be received by January 3, 2013.

  • Donn

    Makes your blood boil, doesn’t it?

  • KimberlyC

    Yes, James Whitaker, you are REQUIRED to allow buses to re-enter traffic according to Washignton State law.

    Drivers are similarly LEGALLY REQUIRED to stop for pedestrians who want to cross the road an intersection whether or not there is a crosswalk.

    However, most drivers do not follow the law. Law enforcement is incredibly expensive, already eating up huge percentages of our city, county and state budget. When people ignore the law, and when governments do not have the resources to enforce the laws by hiring additional police officers, they will find less expensive ways to enfore the law. Like building bus bulbs or putting in signals.

  • James Whitaker

    Kimberly, from your citation: “… that has signalled(sic) and is reentering the traffic flow…” also ” Nothing in this section shall operate to relieve the driver of a transit vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons using the roadway.”

    Thank you for proving my point. Also, I am aware of the pedestrian right of way laws and they are not as absolute as you appear to believe. That said, I always stop for anyone I think is ready to cross when I am able to do so safely and I wish more people would do so, too. I am pretty much with you on this one. I don’t agree about having to hire more officers to enforce existing law. We have a perfectly normal number of officers for a city of our population and a somewhat lower crime rate. We do not need to hire more officers to get the policing job done. I’m sure the Police Guild would disagree with me on this, but I don’t think there is anything we would agree on. If the Police budget was dependent on levies and the Libraries were funded wholly out of general funds, I think they would be singing a different tune.

  • Brigit

    I don’t agree with those of my neighbors who think that the automatic solution is to build more obstructions in order to slow traffic. I’m newly joining this blog in order to plead for more civility. i must admit that in my afternoon commute home, I drive along 40th frequently.

    Pedestrians are frequently difficult to see in our dark grey weather when wearing dark clothing. On demand pedestrian crossing lights are a great solution.

    The bus blubs on 45th were a terrible idea and lead to much inappropriate diversion to 40th or worse yet to neighboring single lane streets, where any speed greater than 20mph is a hazard.

    The need that I see is for greater civility from our community of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Perhaps only through blogging can we enforce that. I do think that greater policing enforcement of speeds and regulations is a the solution. Unfortunately enforcing the law by creating barriers is the equivalent of building a fortress instead of creating a culture of civil interactions with neighbors and enforcing that.

    I like my neighbors, but lately am starting to have tinges of regret staying in a city that has become so insistently unfriendly to autos. That said, I love to walk to Wallingford center and to Fremont and am an alert pedestrian. But like everyone one else, when I’m in a vehicle, I want to get off the road as soon as possible and arrive at my destination, quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • James Whitaker

    Also, Kimberly, your citation for pedestrians in crosswalks was about the dangers of marked crosswalks and, unfortunately, does not reference any right of way issues or laws. Here’s a more useful link for those who would like a reminder:

    You will see that the right of way must be yielded to a pedestrian who is on or in a crosswalk, marked or unmarked. It says nothing about pedestrians who “want to” cross… as you state. Still I will second Brigit’s call for more civility and courtesy on every road users part toward other road users.

  • moodenhancedthruexercise

    And if I, a car driver, am driving along West greenlake way and approach a green light.. if someone is standing close ot the curb “wanting’ to cross the crosswalk.. am I supposed to stop at a green light to let them cross or use a green light right of way and they wait for their turn with a red light?

  • connie Campbell

    I agree with Mike James, lower the speed limit on N40th. It is very hard to exit a driveway especially for viisitors. My husband stands out on the street to tell them when it is safe to pull out. When we come home we have to start signaling a block away to give drivers time to realize there is a driveway there.

  • NancyM

    Split it into 2 parts: 1) Speed on 40th could be reduced to 20mph from Roosevelt to Stoneway; Metro busses driving 20mph would set a slower pace. 2) But vehicles would need to not swerve around into the oncoming traffic lane to get around a stopped bus and painting a double yellow line in the street and signs to that effect on the rear of each bus might get that message across.

  • Margaret

    @moodenhancedthruexercise, I just confirmed with PCC that they are NOT coming to Prescott Wallingford.

    Next year, they will open a new store in the old Vitamilk site in Green Lake.

  • moodenhancedthruexercise

    oh my.. yikes.. congested area… I wonder if they will have parking or give bus vouchers.

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