What Flavor is Wallyhood? You Decide!

What flavor is Wallingford? Lime “green” with just a hint of granola (though perhaps not as crunchy as Fremont)? Next month, Fainting Goat Gelato celebrates their one year anniversary here in Wallingford.  To mark the occasion, Wallyhood and Fainting Goat are teaming up to hold a contest in which readers can send in their ideas of what flavor gelato truly represents our neighborhood.

Post your entry below, in the comments section, now through April 26. On Friday, April 30, we will announce two winners:

  • Fainting Goat Selection: Fainting Goat will select one flavor that both represents the neighborhood and pleases the palate. Combine as many flavors as you want, but Fainting Goat recommends you keep it relatively simple so you can taste each flavor.  Besides, you wouldn’t want too much stuff crammed into one recipe.  Then we’d be Belltown.
  • Reader’s Choice: Free from the constraints of actual edibility, readers are invited to vote for their favorite reader-suggested flavor. Simply click the “Like” button that appears next to a comment to vote for it. Vote for as many as you like, but only once per flavor.

To sweeten the deal, both winners will receive two (2) free pints of the Fainting Goat Selection masterpiece. Plus, you will have the the pleasure of seeing your creation on Fainting Goat’s menu throughout the month of May.

Good luck and have fun!

  • Erica Doctor

    I’d vote honey rose: Honey for the local bees that visit all the lavender, and rose for the rose garden at Woodland Park Zoo.

    (I’d suggest honey lavender, but I’m kind of tired of it, actually.)

  • http://www.threeimaginarygirls.com Liz

    I love this idea and Fainting Goat… how about

    Walnuts and Fudge-y goodness / fudge chunks… or shall we call it WalnutingFudge!

  • Lauren

    I just got a pint of Fainting Goat’s salted caramel gelato and it was fantastic. It totally puts Molly Moon’s to shame.

  • meganc

    Ooh, I like the honey idea. The ‘hood and the blog seem to have a mix of people with small children and people who are more interested in the nightlife (such as it is), so I think something with a mix of sophistication, whimsy, and childishness.

    Wallyhood honey, lemon, and sprinkles on top?

  • Fregirl

    I love the Honey idea too. I’d go for Honey and Walnut actually. I love eating those and I think it would be awesome to try it in gelato.

  • Nicole

    Three words: Chocolate chipotle chai! I’ve had it before (not in gelato, but in a drink) and when all three flavors are balanced equally, it’s amazing. You could say it represents Wallingford in that it’s a mixture of the traditional and the spicy. Plus, it’s fun to say!

  • http://www.dougunderground.com DOUG.


  • Sparky

    Verrrrry funny DOUG.!

  • Gwen

    Lavendar for letting things be
    Mint for fresshness
    Cocoa for that International language of joy

  • wallygirl

    Lemon rosemary!

  • N2


  • Meridian

    Coffee with a Fudge & Honey Ribbon
         * Coffee…because we live in Seattle
         *  Fudge & Honey Ribbon to represent the variety of sweet and great people living throughout our neighborhood

  • Liz

    ‘Organic’ Honey Green Tea –  (wouldn’t need to actually be organic, but calling it that for the sake of the neighborhood.) Honey for reasons mentioned above. And the Green Tea because it’s healthy, like Wallingfordians.

    ‘Organic’ Coffee Cupcake OR Cupcake Batter – Coffee in honor of our local coffee shops. And cupcake in honor of Trophy, a neighborhood staple. So I’m thinking this would be coffee flavored gelato with either actual chocolate cupcake chunks (might not hold up though) or a ribbon of chocolate cake batter.
    ‘Organic’ Thai Basil Honey – Because we have love our Thai food (how many Thai restaurants are there in Wallingford? 86?) and honey, of course. 


  • Holly

    I’d say Rosemary-Cherry Blossom.  Rosemary because it seems like we all have it in our gardens (or overrunning our gardens) and Cherry for all the beautiful cherry trees we have in the ‘hood.

    Great contest!

  • KB

    rose chocolate chip
    rose for the relaxing atmosphere, and because it’s unique like many of the people in Wallingford
    chocolate chips for all the wonderful little surprises you find in Wallingford (like Fainting Goat!)
    but also just because I think it will taste good!

  • Christine

    Rhubarb – Rosemary:
    Infuse the base with Rosemary (so prevalent in Wallingford!) and make a honey-rhubarb compote to swirl in.

    Rhubarb is popping up in neighborhood gardens right now, but later in the summer plums could be used instead when the neighborhood is overflowing with those.

    Simple flavors, but unique at the same time – just like Wallingford.

  • SB

    I might have gotten “scooped” on the Rosemary theme, but I’d like to offer:
    Rosemary Euphorbia
    Rosemary and chocolate (because you can’t eat Euphorbia, and because chocolate – especially from Chocolati – is euphoric).
    Not reflected in the name, but necessary to the Wallingfordishness would be to garnish with one Big Pit (could be avocado or cherry).
    With the pit and chocolate around the outside – it’d even resemble a Trophy Cupcake, celebrating the uber-supportive business community Wallingford boasts!

  • http://www.dougunderground.com DOUG.

    Squirrel Swirl: A blend of chestnut, walnut and almond. Served upside down, “buried” beneath the cup.

  • Lara

    How about Minty Pistachio? With the color coming from the mint only…then you get the freshness, the crunch and the smooth nut flavor without a gaudy green. Interesting sophistication that is accessible to all.

  • Jason

    Now that summer is around the corner, how about something fresh fruit inspired?
    I nominate Black n’ Blue – a combination of blackberry and blueberry….mmm, fresh berries!

  • John

    Im thinking Fig with chocolate chunks. Down here in south Wallingford there are several large fig trees and fig is just plain tasty.

  • JasonF

    Pear Rhubarb. Lots of big old Pear trees in the neighborhood and Rhubarb is popping up in our gardens right now.  The combination would be tasty and fresh.

  • Aidalynn

    Bananas Foster.
    Sticky Bun.
    Creme Brulee.

    All excellent desserts–bet they’d be even better as gelato!

  • http://felsputzer.wordpress.com Chris W.

    Lavendar pear
    Blackberry & honey
    Nutty figs

  • Fitzychick

    Raspberry Green Tea – Raspberry represents the festivals, Farmers Market, and kids slurping fruity fun. Green Tea captures the cool green evenings on neighborhood streets, as well as the area’s many nooks and crannies perfect for quiet contemplation.

  • jeff

    Vanilla Gelato Base mixed with Caramel Swirl and Chocolate covered toffee bits. 

  • Rita

    SOOOO many great flavors! I like them all.
    I’ll add in my suggestion. Lavender for the the plant the flourishes in the neighborhood. Blueberries for the blue of the sky I’m seeing out my window. And lemon zest to celebrate the return of the Farmer’s market.

  • Luna Bianca

    Dark chocolate curry.  Wallingford is a surprising, diverse and fun neighborhood!  

  • Angi

    Honey vanilla gelato base, with cinnamon dark chocolate chunks!

  • http://felsputzer.wordpress.com Chris W.

    Readers choice entries:
    The Left-leaning Right of Center (of the universe)
    45 Moons of Wallingford (from Sun Moon Temple to Molly Moons, past the 45th Guild)

  • Shannon

    I would have to say their amazing green pistachio gelato!  The Wallingford crowd never fails to be wholesome, natural, and earthy.  LIVE GREEN!!!!

  • Fnarf

    Vanilla all the way.

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