Meridian School cleans up

On Thursday morning, kindergartners through fifth graders from The Meridian School were out at Meridian Park and on nearby Bagley raking, weeding, sweeping, and picking up litter.   The efforts were a part of The Meridian School’s annual fall Community Service Day.  At the north end of the park, fourth graders worked with an arborist from Sustainable Wallingford to measure trees, while parents worked hard at an apple press, making homemade cider.  I gotta tell ya — honestly —  it was the best homemade cider I’d ever had.

I spoke briefly with Ron Waldman, Meridian’s Head of School, as we watched kindergartners sweep the playground and lay down wood chips.  He told me that giving kindergartners these tasks helps to shape a lifelong commitment to give back to the community.  We mused how passionate they were going about cleaning up the playground.

This year, the school sent letters to nearby neighbors offering to rake or weed their gardens.  “Like any school in an urban setting, we know we impact the neighborhood, with parking and traffic issues,” Waldman said. “So we wanted to extend our offer of service to our neighbors, in a gesture of goodwill, and to show that we can be good stewards of the community.”

I was tempted to ask if they’d come and rake at my house, but I resisted the urge.

  1. Kristin said,

    Thanks kids!

    Fri, October 8 at 2:16 pm
  2. Meridian Parent said,

    The kids always have a lot of fun on Community Service Day, and I know my kids talk about it for a week beforehand. It really is a big deal to them. I hope the neighbors know how very much the kids feel a part of the neighborhood and community, and I know they would truly love to help with the raking and weeding.

    Sat, October 9 at 8:19 pm
  3. Kirsten said,

    We had a great day working hard to make our community better. In addition to all the clean-up of the Meridian Park and surrounding streets, the kids did projects for the Neo Art School, the Meridian School Library and the Dispute Resolution Center.

    Here is a short video showing the day’s energy and enthusiasm:

    Wed, October 20 at 8:35 am
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