Another festering pit update

Wallyreader Darcey e-mailed us with a link to a new permit from the Department of Planning and Development for 3920 Stone Way–a.k.a. “the festering pit” on the corner of Stone and 40th.

Folks may recall that we did a “festering pit update” a little over a year ago, when we spoke with Mike Derr of Redimensions–the general contractor.  There really wasn’t much news but Derr sounded hopeful that financing would be resolved in the future.

So we phoned Redimensions again, and spoke to Scott Brewer, the Director of Construction.  Brewer told us the new permit was for the foundation, but the project is still stuck in financing.  So, once again there’s no telling when they’ll get to move forward with building something.

We also confirmed this with Eric Miller from QFC’s public affairs department, since QFC is still listed as owning the site.

Thanks for the tip, Darcey!  We wish we had better news.  Still, I think Little Wallydude had a great idea:  let’s fill the hole with a gazillion little plastic balls and turn it into a giant ball pit!

Giant ball pit. Neighbor not included.

  1. Anita E said,

    There’s another festering pit over in Greenlake near 70th. I think this one is held up because there was a caveat that there had to be a grocery store in the building and the few takers pulled out. I sure miss the Albertsons that was over in that area. Pretty soon, the QFC off of Roosevelt will be gone (due to the light rail coming through). While I love Whole Foods, PCC & Trader Joes, I can’t afford their prices for all my shopping (and Trader joes doesn’t carry a lot of staples).This is a source of frustration for me. How do the elderly who live in places like Hearthstone and on fixed incomes do it?

    Wed, November 17 at 8:17 pm
  2. SeattleAlan said,

    I understand what you are saying, Anita, about the “pit’ over by Greenlake. Our family shopped at the Greenlake Albersons for years, and really miss it.

    Wed, November 17 at 8:20 pm
  3. Chris W. said,

    Please tell Little Wally Dude: great idea!

    Wed, November 17 at 9:15 pm
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