Eat A Book!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to craft my work of edible art for the Sixth Annual Seattle Edible Books Festival, a “festival celebrating books, food & the people who love them.”

The festival will be held Saturday, April 2nd from noon to 3pm at the Good Shepherd Center.   But first, a deadline looms:  edible book entries must be registered by  March 30th.

Not sure what an edible book festival is? Take a look at these photos from past years to get an idea of how it works. Click on a photo to see the book’s “title” (but try to guess first!) If you’re reading this in e-mail, you’ll have to click to our web site to see the fun.

Anyone can enter, anyone can eat.  Janet Fryberger, of Fry Books, explains:

Register before March 30th – [email protected] – then create and present a piece of edible art related to books: it can pun on a title, refer to a scene or character, look like a book (or paper, scroll etc), or just have something to do with books. Whatever the inspiration – it must be edible!

Every type of book – children’s classics, detective novels, biographies, fiction and non, poetry, short stories – will be sculpted from a smörgåsbord of foodstuffs. Imagine The Brothers Karamatzah, S’more and Peace, Alice in Wonderbread, The Bun Also Rises, Goodnight Moon Pie, Curd Vonnegut… and so many more brainy, beautiful, silly, clever and tasty transubstantiations of books we love into treats we eat! We expect over 150 entries this year.

Admission $10 ::: FREE with an edible entry

Event Schedule

  • 11:00 – 12:00 Edible Entries accepted, installed & photographed
  • 12:00 – 1:30 public viewing
  • 1:30  award prizes
  • 2:00 Edible Books will be eaten with tea, coffee and milk


  • Most Pun-derful
  • Most Drop-dead Gorgeous
  • Most Delectably Appetizing
  • Best Young Edible Artist (K-12)
  • Best in Show

Edible Emcee: Nancy Guppy – from Seattle Channel’s Artzone. Interested in Volunteering? Drop ’em an email: [email protected]

Now.  Time for me to stop blogging & start prepping.  First, a trip to my bookcase for inspiration.

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