Where’s the beef?

So, let’s talk about Bill the Butcher, shall we? Seems they’ve been getting some interesting press lately, and here are the highlights:

The Seattle Times reports that “This past week, according to a regulatory filing, the company had to undo a major financing transaction and take back 6 million shares it had issued last month.”

Eater Seattle says the company’s latest SEC filing shows that Bill the Butcher now has about $40,000 in cash.

Then, there’s The Stranger, whose “Mystery Meat” article last year questioned the company’s claim of Bill the Butcher’s meat as “certified organic and natural.” Now, they’re reporting that CEO William Von Schneidau, as in the “Bill” in Bill the Butcher, is out of the picture and taking legal action against the company.

So where does this leave the empty, freshly-painted space in Wallingford? Your guess is as good as mine since no one can be reached for comment. We feel your pain, Edmonds! (Personally, we’re hoping for Zaw to come in and save the day.)

  • K

    A friend of a friend who used to work for them said they were totally substituting cheap factory meat for organic when they didn’t have enough, and mislabeling it. Which is pretty wrong. Not that it affected me, I’m a vegetarian anyway.. but still. Bill’s ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • doug

    Not just wrong, but totally illegal.

  • Janey

    Oh, what a bummer! I was actually kind of excited to have a butcher shop in the neighborhood again (like we used to have way back when, in the space where Oom Yong Doe now is, I think). And despite the Stranger article, I was kind of thinking that their meat couldn’t be any LESS locally sourced than Kroger’s — oops, I mean QFC.

    I’m still holding out hope that the cream-colored side of the building might turn out to be Zaw’s.

  • David Yao

    Being vegetarian, working next door, I’m hoping for something better, too…..
    How about a bakery?
    Okay, I know there’s Julia’s/Wallingford Bakery, and Boulangerie. But if Ballard is an example, a neighborhood can support many bakeries.
    Alright, since sugar is my vice, maybe I’d be better off with less temptation around…

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