Joule is moving

Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Joule Restaurant is closing on N. 45th St. at the end of April and re-opening this summer at the Fremont Collective (3506 Stone Way N.). (Aw, Joule. You didn’t call; you didn’t write; you just sent your “Dear John” letter to the PSBJ. Sniff! Sniff!) Ahem, anyway, according to the article, the move will give them more space and “seasonal outdoor seating.”

The Fremont Collective is a new project (in the building where the Inner Space Indoor Skate Park was located) currently under development by Evo Properties. Evo has developed sites in Fremont (Revel/Quoin and Evo), Ballard (The Kolstrand Building), Greenwood (The Greenwood Collective). More information can be found on their website.

  • Jen

    I’m crushed. Walking to Joule for their Winter Supper Series or their Urban BBQ is one of the top 10 reasons for living in Wallingford.

  • Dee

    What will be there after they leave?

  • Ryan

    Now S. Wallyhood gets to walk to some good restaraunts!

  • Margaret

    @Dee, Haven’t heard anything yet. What would you like to see go into that space?

  • Dennis

    It would be awesome to have a great burger place like Zak’s or Red Mill go in there.

  • DOUG.

    45th needs a medium-priced pub with good food and lots of beer choices (a la Latona Pub).

  • n

    Noah’s bagals would be great!

  • Nat

    Doug: Kate’s? Murphy’s? Or go a little further north to Elysian Tangletown, if you’re looking for somewhat fancier fare. What we really need on 45th is a late-night restaurant that isn’t fast food like Dick’s.

  • coolio

    we have sooooo many bars already– Murpphys, Sea Monster, hte Twisted Grizzly, The gigantic sports bar, babalu, potential in plato azul..
    Red Mill
    womens clothing
    organic juice bar- Starbucks new concept?

  • Vegetarian

    Bagels, south indian, hillside quickies, or ethiopian would be great! The great success of Jhanjay and Sutra have shown wallingford has a strong vegetarian streak, and with one more restaurant we could be a mecca for it! We could be the place that stands for sustainability, good health, and humane treatment of life.

    Or we could have a nasty burger place like red mill or mcdonalds or whatever. Like a truck stop.

  • heidi

    Bummer. Joule is one of my favorite restaurants in the city and happens to be within a few blocks from home. Joule and Sutra really make 45th a special food destination so I hope another adventurous restaurant will move in. The Fremont Collective sounds exciting!

  • Floor Pie

    @ Dennis – It’s a little bit of a hike, but Uneeda Burger on 43rd & Fremont is the best!

    I’ll miss Joule.

  • DOUG.

    @Nat: I said “good food”.

  • Dennis

    Thanks Floor Pie! Does anyone remember Loki? That was an awesome burger.

  • Donn

    What N 45th needs is a sushi restaurant!

  • coolio

    or a good mexican one.. I loved the old Guadalajara.. the one in its site across from the newer site.. when we had to wait in line and the tables were tiny

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