Did you witness a collision on Sunnyside?

Ashley at the Erotic Bakery wrote to let us know about a car collision that happened on Sunnyside on Tuesday (4/17) evening. Apparently one of the vehicles in the collision left the scene. If you witnessed the collision, please call 911, or you can email Ashley at [email protected]. Here’s what she wrote:

At 7:03pm my co-worker and I heard a series of crunches, crashes, glass shattering, and tires screeching. We work at the Erotic Bakery. Ran out the back door in time to see a white SUV with no back window turning around in a parking lot next to a very totaled vehicle. They sped off; looked like driver, passenger in front, and a young man in the back seat looking back at the car. Joe, the bartender at The Grizzled Wizard took off in his own white SUV to try to catch up to the suspect vehicle. He didn’t get them, sadly. I don’t like seeing our neighborhood get victimized so I hope anyone that may have seen a white SUV, with a telephone pole shaped dent would be willing to speak up. It happened on Sunnyside right next to Yogurtland.


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