Walgreens Now Open

We’d like to thank Wallingford resident and photographer Nancy Treder for sending this our way this afternoon, including all the great shots of the store’s interior! Thanks a million, Nancy!


National chain drug store sets up shop in Wallingford


Walgreens opens on the corner of 45th & Stone Way


After months of anticipation a new drug store has opened up in the Wallingford Plaza on the corner of 45th and Stone Way across from Archie McPhee’s.


For weeks my family and I have been walking by this location wondering what the new store would be like on the inside and today we were happily surprised to enter the new establishment and discover that it is nice little corner store with all the little things you need.


The first thing that caught my eye were the fresh bananas (3/$1) displayed in a three-tiered vertical basket stand next to the fresh produce refrigeration case. My son, Finnegan gravitated to the “As Seen On TV” section with the lollipop cupcake kit.  He also found the toy section with an abundance of squishy balls, balloons, sidewalk chalk, summer toys and summer beach and grilling supplies.


My two favorite sections are beauty and photo.  The beauty section is managed by makeup artist and beauty specialist Toni Majerus.  Toni is a remarkable woman dedicated to helping women from all walks of life.  She has put together a really great beauty bar featuring the latest health and beauty products to keep you looking your best.  They have toothpaste and toothbrushes galor! 36 different kinds of eyelashes, nail products, facial and hair care products a 99 cent bin with a huge variety of hair fasteners and doo dads.


The Photo Print Bar is run by Travis.  The process is pretty simple; you step up to the kiosk plug in your disc or thumb drive and start selecting images for printing. Once you make payment and scan the barcode on your receipt, the order is started and within minutes, the prints are ready.


The aisles are full of everything:  soda and chips, hats and sunglasses, propane and grilling tools, nail polish and hair color.  There are so many varieties of everything!


Tomorrow, Toni is hosting a SaturDate Beauty event featuring Yes to Cucumbers soothing skin products and Garnier Fructis Hair Care treatments.  The public is invited to donate beauty products to benefit the ladies at New Beginnings Women’s Shelter in Seattle.


Stop in and say, “Hello” to our new neighbors and pick up a few things you forgot that you needed.


Walgreens business hours are 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Monday -Sunday.
  • Rob

    Oooh 10% bonus pack Circus Peanuts! I wonder…take it away Google:

    163 calories/6 nuts–all sugars, gelatin, pectin, and artificial flavors and colors. Circus Peanuts are made on dedicated machinery and do not contain milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, or gluten. They are not kosher.

  • http://www.dougunderground.com DOUG.

    Are the bananas made in China too?

  • FreGirl

    Y’all need to hire this lovely lady who took the time to write this up and send it in with all the fab photos. That is what a community blog should be all about! Many thanks to Nancy!

  • http://www.activestillness.com jeanne

    Really loving Bartell Drugs at the moment.

  • http://ahappytaste.blogspot.com Alli

    This write-up reminds me of Marilyn Hagerty’s Olive Garden review. … This is a joke, right?!


  • http://www.floorpie05.blogspot.com Floor Pie

    Whatever, people. We in Frallingford are happy to have a closer walking-distance store to pick up our kids’ cough medicine in the rain. Another restaurant we can’t afford would have been adorable, but Walgreen’s is a lot more useful.

  • Jessica

    I’ll walk the extra blocks to Bartells.

  • coolio

    I am on my way up ther enow to check it out. I can walk, rather than drive to Bartells.. old age removed my knees from a mile walk to my sadness. I appreciate Bartells- its not personal- their staff has been great over the many years, a few bumps with manager and not being clear..

  • Katie

    People need to stop being so sensitive over the whole Bartells versus Walgreens. As Floor Pie points out, there are people in a neighborhood in between Wallingford and Fremont that didnt have their own pharmacy until now. It isn’t all about you Wallingford!

  • coolio

    They have healthy food.. apples, oranges and a small deli case.. and all the normal stuff. I bet this is a quick lunch pick-up spot for bus riders.. Nice. With the old 7-11 closed and a large apartment complex going in at Stone and 43rd and the 40/Stone whenever its finished Hulk and Skansa.. Walgreens bet on a big infusion of residents in the next 2 years. Good bet.

  • coolio

    NOTE: While I was there, the SaturDate was only a display.. I had anticipated a saturday date to includ e discussion an dpossible samples.

  • VickiSeattle206

    I’m so friggin’ sick of all you naysayers on this and other blogs lately. You guys are such negative, angry, and backwards thinking people. What happened to being open-minded, forward thinking, and welcoming. It seems you are continually afraid of change, growth, and development. It also seems like you’d prefer having a vacant business space that looks sad than have anything go in there. I know Walgreens is a owned by a huge corporation and is not a little Mom and Pop store. Who cares!!! This part of the neighborhood is a business area. To me, anything that will draw more foot traffic and potential income that should trickle down to the other businesses nearby (many of which are probably struggling) is welcome and should be welcomed with open arms. What’s funny is that I know naysayers and highly opinionated, pessimistic, and self-righteous people like you. You’ll most likely be the store regulars at Walgreens and secretly loving it while publicly bashing it. Stop being such short-sighted cowards!!! I love Bartell’s but I’m sure I’ll give Walgreens some of my business, too, sometimes. Welcome to the hood Walgreens. Thank you for occupying that highly visible corner space. Maybe you’ll encourage other businesses (small or large) to take a chance on Wallingford and to fill in the other vacant spaces.

  • Breadbaker

    There are things I get a Walgreen’s I can’t get at Bartell’s, just as there are things I get at Bartell’s I can’t get at Walgreen’s. I assume many of the employees are our neighbors, too. I’m happy to patronize any establishment I can walk or bike to, and certainly glad that space is no longer vacant; it’s a pretty visible space to be empty for so long.

  • E30 Memorial

    Because of the continuous unresolvable problems with Bartell’s pharmacy, I’ve been going to the Northgate Wallgreen’s. So I welcome the new addition. I miss dealing with some of the Bartell’s employees, but if Bartell’s poor leadership prevents them from stocking basic drugs they leave me no choice. I’d rather deal with local companies, but if they’re not capable of doing the job it’s time to move on.


  • Donn

    VickiSeattle206, you seems to be addressing an issue that one does not find in the surrounding comments. One person announced that he or she would continue to go to Bartells, a couple others made fun of the `goods’ available at such stores or the write-up itself. That’s the closest I can find to `nay sayers’.

    I’m not saying everyone reading this is happy about this development, you know that isn’t true – in fact, you know exactly what’s wrong with it, and we don’t even have to say it! Go ahead and heap abuse on us, we deserve it for putting you through this.

  • Ryan

    VickiSeattle206 – Post of the year. This blog needs a little less negativity and smugness. Spot on.

  • coolio

    whew,, vickiseattle.. whew, as has been said elsewhere, if you dont like it.. insert your own words. Take the blog off your favorites and have a blog break and talk to your family, friends, neighbors, WCC. Take some courses in Conscious Language and listen to people who state that any fingerpointing you do is because you have fears of that same quality in yourself.
    These remarks are not naysaying.. they are comments. No one said ” go away”. No one said,” they shouldnt have built”. They are comments – plain and simple.. would I like it to not smell like plastic? yes, but its temporary. They will be a good presence at a sometimes scary busstop and have many conveniences..

  • Doug

    I’ll probably rarely go to Bartell’s now. This Walgreen’s is only two blocks from my house and has more stuff at better prices. They also carry a reasonable selection of beer at a good price. I was expecting to hate it, like the Walgreens in the U District. But I don’t!

    I’ve never actually liked the Bartell’s that much. They frequently don’t have what I need and honestly I think the customer service is lacking. Sometimes I feel like they go out of their way to ignore me. This is coming from somebody who works at the customer-service level at an even more independent and local business than Bartells.

  • coolio

    I like the staff at Bartells, have gotten to know them over many years. But, plain and simple W is walking distance from my apt.

  • Andrew

    Who do you think has more toxic items shipped from China: Walgreens or Archie?

  • Donn

    I suppose I would hesitate to put anything in my mouth that came from either place.

  • Paul

    This was a hilarious review. I concur with the commenter who referenced the Olive Garden review, and am also reminded of the paid writer who admitted he had “whored” himself out to a cruise operator in David Foster Wallace’s “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again.”

    Probably the most pandering, sycophantic review of a Wallgreens ever written.

  • Donn

    Well, to be reasonable, this is not an independent news site, it’s funded by various local businesses who aren’t paying $50 to $150 a month to come here and find themselves under attack with a critical review. There are some local businesses who would have a lot more to worry about than Walgreens, if the blog were of a more independent news-oriented nature.

  • http://www.wallyhood.org Wallyhood

    Hi Donn, it sounds like you’re implying that good reviews can be bought here (or bad reviews bought off). If there’s anything specific you have to say, please do, as I’d like to address and dispel that error. Vague accusations are nasty.

  • Donn

    I think review of the content on the blog will bear me out, critical or negative content on local businesses is rare or non-existent. It isn’t because every local business is truly without fault, so I’m going to give you and your blogging colleagues credit for basing your editorial policy on sensible economic reasons, rather than the sort of preposterous alternative you started a news blog based on Mom’s advice to, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    I doubt however that you’re selling reviews directly, so no, didn’t mean to imply that.

  • coolio

    ookkk, I am a Wallingford resident. I obviously use this site and appreciate doing so. A business which supports Wallyblog gave me a bad exsperience… sometimes they have a little feature. I never say anything here. I did write a Yelp review which remains there. I am proud of Walllingford and support our right to agree and disagreew on this blog which has many users, however, I keep individual differences with a business off.

  • Paul

    Jordan (Wallyhood) contends that there are no paid reviews on this blog, and I have no reason to dispute that. But the content of the above article really suggests to me that someone with an interest in the Walgreens had some responsibility. It might be that the author has a stake in the store (owner, employee), or maybe it’s as simple as the author taking some sort of compensation from the store, perhaps in the form of thirty-three cent bananas or even a commissioned piece from “makeup artist” Toni Majerus.

    But let’s all be honest, nobody’s first reaction when walking into a Walgreens is to wax on, like this author did, about the amazing selection, the empoyees “dedicated to helping women from all walks of life,” and to explain how to operate a digital print kiosk.

    Jordan, your organization may not receive direct payment for such reviews, but I hope you recognize that the author very likely did.

  • Donn

    Speaking for myself, it really isn’t critically important to track the money. I mean, it would be interesting in its own right to know what was really behind this story, but in the end it doesn’t make any difference to me if someone managed to have this unlikely perspective all on her own or if she was paid cash, or one of those more likely possibilities in between.

    Even more so among the commenters like ourselves, you have to guess that you’re getting some people who haven’t disclosed their stake in the subject – employees usually, or employed by the local chamber of commerce, whatever. But in the end, I guess there’s no practical difference between a hired booster and a voluntary one. A paid writer can still make a good point, and a volunteer can still stretch the truth and abuse people.

    The point I was really going for is that the spectrum of coverage here is limited, if you want to be fully informed about Wallingford businesses you won’t get that here. The reasons for that are really immaterial in the end. That gets into things that you can only know by looking inside someone’s head.

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