On Tuesday, Mayor Mike McGinn announced the launch of the third annual Only in Seattle campaign highlighting retail corridors in neighborhoods throughout the city as a way to get shoppers motivated to stay local.

This year, Wallingford, Fremont, and Pioneer Square have been added to the roster of neighborhoods. The campaign has also expanded with Only in Seattle Sundays where during the last Sunday in each month, businesses in one neighborhood will offer discounts and freebies to shoppers.

The inaugural Only in Seattle Sundays kicks off on Sunday, July 29 in Fremont. Wallingford will be host to Only in Seattle Sundays on September 30. You’ll be able to see individual merchant discounts on the Only in Seattle Sundays website soon. You can also follow Only in Seattle via Facebook and Twitter.

I traded a few emails with Colleen Kurke, President of the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce, and this is what she had to say about Wallingford’s role in the campaign:

Wallingford is excited to be apart of Only In Seattle! Wallingford is a great community with dedicated businesses that strive to meet the needs of our neighborhood. We have a uniqueness in our neighborhood that we hope people come to enjoy.

For Your Eyes Only at Wallingford Center, along with Wide World Books and Harold’s Lamps, and of course, Archie McPhee are a part the the tapestry of small local independent businesses that make Wallingford a must see in Seattle. We are proud to announce that on the day of Wallingford’s Only in Seattle Sundays we will be having a sidewalk sale to highlight all of our business community!


  1. milly said,

    yes, only in Wallingford would the city scrap a Living Building code to allow a money-driven dead concrete overly tall building to be built with no codes nor compliance measures.. maybe Skanska will give discounts to Wallingford residents for shoes..

    Mon, July 23 at 8:48 am

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