Ken Jennings Comes to Wide World Books

Ken Jennings

Jeopardy! game show fans, this one’s a cinch for you to answer:

Hailing from Edmonds, Washington, this man won an unprecedented 74 Jeopardy! games in 2004 with winnings that totaled $2,520,700 — an amazing streak which earned him a spot in The Guiness Book of World Records under “most cash won on a gameshow”. He is a geocache enthusiast, and an author of a few books including Maphead: Charting the Wild, Weird World of Geography Wonks.

If you answered, “Who is Ken Jennings?” Then you’re absolutely right; and if you’re a Ken Jennings fan, he’ll be in our neck of the woods tomorrow night (Tuesday, November 27), at Wide World Books and Maps (4411 Wallingford Avenue North) beginning at 7:00pm to read from Maphead. Come early to grab a seat!

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