More apartments planned for Stone Way

2013-02-24 15.25.23Looks like plans for a new mixed-use apartment building on Stone Way are in the works. This time, it’s on the former site of Stoneway Roofing, at 3636 Stone Way N. We phoned Stoneway Roofing back in the fall when we heard they were closing that location, but they were pretty mum about vacating the space.

The Land Use Application calls for “a 4-story 120 unit residential building with 7,642 sq. ft. of retail at grade. Review includes demolition of existing structures (20,430 sq. ft.) Parking for 148 vehicles to be provided below ground.”

The companies listed on the application are CRP HU Fremont Venture, LLC. and AP Urban Development.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!


  • Claudia

    I completely disagree that Wallingford is diverse. If so, with very limited margins. I am not complaining, or encouraging, I am simply reminding us that these surroundings are not average or attainable by most. I am guessing many of us shutter at even Lynnwood, or federal Way, or Oakland, ca. And we aren’t Clyde Hill or South Park. We are pretty insulated from that and should recognize it. (I will now get off my soap box and back on my over-priced bicycle)

  • yesyes

    I have lived primarily in Wallingford most of my adult life in Seattle, since the 1970s; 2 yrs in Minneapolis, 4 yrs in eastern WA; tried 4 mo in Federal Way and 2 yrs on Cap Hill; 2 yrs in Eugene ( grad school) and 2 yrs in Ellensburg( grad). Thanks for that trip through the past: about 30 yrs here! 15 were in a humble apt off 45th near Taco Time, now I’m in a larger one less friendly owned by a landshark near Stone.
    The area is NOT racially diverse. Incomes may differ, but LOOK around at who shops in out neighborhood stores and drives around- then compare it to other areas. we have a lot financially. My income is much reduced and I will move to Port Angeles in 2 yrs.

  • jandl

    Please consider commenting: on both Wallingford projects below.

    Several of your concerned Burke Ave neighbors here have sent off comments to [email protected] and “Rips, Bruce” the city employee regarding this quite large apt project on 34th and Wallingford which is in the first stage of city review.

    And moving to 2nd stage following end of comments deadline this Wednesday. The project is for building a 4 story 160 apartment building at the corner of 34th and Wallingford. It replaces the Avtech land use and several additional parcels currently there.

    Any site design comments to be considered must be submitted by Wed Mar 6.

    One of the more challenging pieces of the project is the current plan that calls for egress and ingress into it’s proposed structure from Burke ave between 34th and 35th. What do you think?

    There are several other issues that may invite you to comment. If so please do so, not later than 4:00 pm Wednesday!

    The city of Seattle project # 3014232

    You can review more about the project here:

    At the bottom of this page is a link to the
    Preliminary Assessment Report
    And here is a link to 1/2 dozen neighborhood comments received to date:

    This 2nd Stoneway project will update Margaret’s partial information above. The project is much larger than outlined there and tonite had it’s 2nd community comment meeting. Both are over building for the neighborhoods in my opinion.
    City info here:
    permit project # 3014111

    this is it’s scope: Design Review Early Design Guidance application proposing a 280 unit residential structure with ground level commerical, live-work and parking for 274 cars.

    It appears that developers are paying the small fee of $2500 for an Early Design Guidance app. to get around handling the more difficult aspects of their big plans and the city is going along and in fact paving the way for smoother faster cram.

    Come on people – wake up….

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